miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012

To be or not to be (fooled & annoyed).

Today a classmate tried to annoy?hurt?brag to? me using Shakespeare: Her intention was [I believe] to Highlight how cultured she was to and, at least in part, make a stark contrast with [what she perceives to be] my partner’s* lack of intellect. At first I wasn’t aware**, for I have only read a brief summary of Shakespeare’s works and I was genuinely interested in what she might say about Hamlet, but her bragging strategy started to become apparent (and falter) when she produced from her purse, with a smug grin that hat settled in her face after I answered her that I had not, in fact, read “Hamlet”, a book in Spanish (She knows English), and it totally failed when she told me that she had found “this segment right here” specially interesting.
She was, of course, referring to the famous “to be or not to be” soliloquy (at that point I started to doubt even if she had actually read the Spanish version), of which she proceeded to make a commentary which would have shamed an 11th-grader.
Seeing that her strategy was failing, she then moved to a more direct criticism of my partner, which I found very annoying. I tried to “de-escalate the conflict” by telling her how great her partner (a musician with scientific inclinations) was and failed, so I tried to mirror her and failed miserably (I’m terrible with “zingers” and such). 

*Yes, I have a girlfriend and, yes, I have no idea how I’ve avoided talking about it here.
**My girlfriend was able to predict the whole sequence of events the moment I said "X used Shakespeare". I have no ability for this kind of social scheming, according to my girlfriend because I'm "too nice" (I think she's calling me -at least socially- dumb, but nevermind)

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